Yoga is a way to heal the body and prepare for the day or evening ahead. It calms the mind and opens the heart. Some classes energize and others relax. All styles are important and cater to different types of treatments. For a list of class offerings please see below.

In our fast-paced western world, we ask everyone to capture a fraction of time to stop, breathe and exhale or in other words, do yoga. Yoga will help you live your best life and show you how we are all connected. As students of yoga we are drawn to its different and varied styles. Whether its for kids or seniors, yoga is for everyone at any age and any body condition.

Hatha Foundations

Forward Breath offers a variety of classes with its foundation in Hatha. Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced yoga in the west. It balances both physical health and mental wellbeing.

Hatha Evening class (Restorative)

Through Hatha we have built a restorative class that open the heart and calm the mind. The class starts with meditation and progresses into a slow flow class holding poses for up to 5 breaths. We use props such as strap, blocks, blakets and pillow to support you through the class. Restorative Yoga is relaxing but intense. The evening ends with a 15 minute final relaxation allowing you to breath, scan the body and thanking the self for taking the time to heal. The class lasts 90 minutes.

Hatha Morning Class (Sun Rise)

To get things going in the morning, we offer a Hatha sun salutation flow. Our morning class is designed to energize and start the day with a clear mind and good blood flow. Class starts with 10 minutes of meditation followed by light stretching. We immediately go into a series of Sun Salutations which quickly energize the body and pump your blood. The remaining of the class proceeds with a variety of asanas (poses). It is in this class that students can practice inversions. Class ends with a 10 minute Savasana (final relaxation). This class is 90 minutes.


At Forward Breath, we are always looking to partner with instructors who complement our wellness philosophy. If you are an instructor seeking space connect with us for a showing.

Guest Instructors

One of our special offerings is the guest instructor program. Having been blessed to travel the world, we have connected with a variety of instructors and have asked them to come teach a class and share with us their journey. Check back on a regular basis for upcoming guest instructors, we never know when they are going to just pop in!

The Forward Breath Wellness Philosophy

Meet your body where it is today.

Practice and observe without judgement.