Whether you are a yoga instructor or have trained in a wellness therapy, we welcome you to explore the possibilities of sharing your gifts through teaching and treatment at Forward Breath.

We are actively seeking practitioners who perform massage, raki, Ayurveda and a host of other wellness treatments. This is about your story and your clients. We offer you the space to be you, to explore, and expand your offerings to your clients in a space designed for healing and wellness.

Each practitioner’s service agreement will include the following:

Use of the Yoga Hall or Treatment Room

  • If you need the yoga hall for a private session or want to run a regular class on a weekly basis we are designed to help you deliver your experience both virtually and physically.
  • For practitioners who are more advance in their therapy we have available 2 treatment rooms which allow you to consult and deliver therapy is a private space. These treatment rooms share a common bathroom allowing your clients to freshen up after their treatment.
  • The Yoga hall is rented on an hourly basis. The treatment rooms are rented on a six-month or twelve-month term.

The Basics

  • We offer props in the yoga hall for any number of yoga classes. Students are welcome to use a mat, strap, block, pillow or blanket or bring their own.
  • Regular cleaning of the wellness center – we understand the importance of a clean and well-groomed environment and understand the impact that the environment has on clients. Our cleaning schedule is based on usage. The more we teach the more we clean. We also have a caretaker who manages the exterior grounds. To include flower bed maintenance, grass cutting and snow removal.
  • Utilities – your service agreement includes all the necessary utilities to ensure a successful class. We cover water/sewer, gas, electric, internet and security.

The Extras

  • As practitioners we're always looking for the tools to help make our classes and sessions more impactful while not having to continue to bring in extra supplies. Each of our practice areas has its own private entrance. A shared foyer joins the yoga hall and Ayur (life)Treatment Room. We have created a space for shoes and bags and provided a bench to prepare for class or wait for a treatment.
  • We know how important it is to make the environment exactly the way you want it. Whether it’s the music, lighting, air flow or temperature. We have listened to the needs and responded with the following:

Sonos Sound System.

Four Ceiling Fans

Motorized Shade

Additional Heating and Cooling System

  • To expand our presence we added a virtual component, because we understand that not all clients can make it to class.  Our website offers bio’s on all our practitioners and features a section for practitioners to share articles, journey’s and new lessons. We also allow all our viewers to connect directly with you, the practitioner, to help maximize your client base and revenue flow. If you are successful, then so are we! Finally, through our contact us page we directly share leads with our practitioners and forward any requests that should come our way.

Reserve Treatment Rooms

Practitioners can use the following to reserve a treatment room. The service agreement is provided upon reservation. Contact us if you need more information or assistance with your application.