Wellness Center

The Center

Life’s journey is about becoming and Forward Breath is designed to help you along that journey. The center brings together a group of practitioners who are passionate about their healing art forms. We have taken the best of our individual experiences and made an offering of services for you to live your best life.

The Patient

We mean it when we say you are ready “just as you are”. Fitness is a social construction. Whether a number is too high or too low does not matter. What matters is that you want to experience more of your true self and live your best life. We invite you to come as you are and try a yoga class or schedule a private session. We ask that you meet you body where it is and observe yourself without judgement. We will help you work through any boundary and show you modifications so that you can truly enjoy your practice. 

Experience an Ayurveda consultation or take 30 minutes to relax and restore in the medical grade infra-red sauna. Check out our services to see what or who is new for you. Contract directly with a practitioner and create your unique experience.


Seva is the Sanskrit word for selfless service. A foundation in Karma Yoga, Seva asks us to serve others without expectation or reaction. Forward Breath incorporates Seva into our practice in a few ways. First, we offer a weekly community classes open to the public. Second, we donate a portion of all profits to a local community partner. Currently we are working with the St. Michaels food pantry which offers food to over 400 families a month right here in our community.


The Center

Both the physical and virtual space of Forward Breath have been designed to welcome practitioners of varied wellness therapies. The center features private treatment room(s) and a yoga hall. We offer competitive monthly rents which include; housekeeping, security, landscaping, WIFI, utilities and host of extras that allow you to customize the space to make it just right fo your clients. Virtually, practitioners are featured on our website with bio’s, contact information and articles on their personal stories of their wellness journey.


We work with practitioners who share our wellness philosophy (hyer link) and are looking to expand their practice and service offerings. Massage, Chiropratic, and yoga (to name a few) practitioners can bring their client base to the center. In addition, because we are a practice, referrals and recommendations of clients to each other allows for us to deliver a well-rounded wellness treatment to our clients.


As with our community class offering, we invite our practitioners to offer Seva. We understand that this is a very personal choice and want all our practitioners to know that a portion of all profits, from rent, goes to our community partners.

The Founder

Eric Lutzo

Eric’s journey to Forward Breath came in a very natural way. As a professional coach Eric has been helping clients for 20 years around the whole self. The assessments and models used by Eric transform the lives of those he works with, regardless of their leadership level, to take what could be and make it a reality. Eric works with people who want to change and bring balance to their lives. His yoga practice is no different.  It's grounded in classical Hatha with training in both India and the United States.  Eric ensures that all students feel welcome and ready to participate.  He is a firm believer in asana ( yoga pose) modification.  He gives options for complex asanas allowing the student to relax and enjoy the benefits.  Eric teaches at Forward Breath both an evening  restorative class and morning sunrise Hatha flow.

His area of interest is in opening the heart and calming the mind. He applies theory from Ayurveda, Yoga and coaching to his practice making it a unique class for anyone to attend. Eric believes you are ready today to begin your yoga journey or to advance your core practice. When coming to Forward Breath he asks you to do the following three things:

  • Meet you body where it is today.
  • Practice self-observation without judgement.
  • Breathe.

Eric has been a student of yoga since 1998 where he began to take classes and theory a bit more serious. He earned his 200-hour yoga teacher training from the Wilmington Yoga Center. The 3-week immersion took place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Following that year, Eric went to India to study foundations in Ayurveda at the Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram. He returned the next year to complete his 300-hour yoga teacher training. Eric is a student of Dr. Neel Venugopal founder of Ayurmarma, a Homestay  and clinic in Chavakkad India.     

As Eric’s interests and passion for yoga grew, he decided to create Forward Breath.  The virtual and physical space of Forward Breath help students, practitioners and patients Practice| Being. With so many parallels between his coaching theories and yoga Eric began applying his knowledge and experience from Forward Thought to Forward Breath. 

The Forward Breath Wellness Center, was acquired in the spring of 2017.  Following the acquisition,  Eric applied his life experience and began rehabilitation on the physical space in June of 2018 with the goal of complimenting the Victorian nature of the building.  Amenities that would celebrate this once grand old home were added and made it a functional space for wellness today. Elements from India were brought into the design to create a peaceful space for all to relax and breathe. The Ayurvedic Treatment Room features an authentic massage table, steam box and Shirodhara vessel. In total the Forward Breath Wellness Center has 3 treatment spaces and a yoga hall.

In addition to Forward Breath and Forward Thought, Eric is the Managing Partner of Forward Living a design, develop, manage real estate portfolio and consulting practice that saves homes and builds community. Eric has taken many neglected homes and brought them back to life with safety and community in mind.

Eric holds a Doctorate in Management (D.M.) and MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kent State University.