India Trip 2019

I have been blessed with a lot of great things in life, Great family, fun career, wonderful friends and a desire to seek. The teachers in my life have been downright amazing and first I thought it was through accidental meetings but have come to realizes that they were always waiting for me to just show up.

The following pictures show you glimpse of my most recent trip to India. This trip had 5 parts to it. I have tried to capture all these parts in the images. I studied with my teacher, Neel Vengupal at his homestay and clinic in Kerala India, underwent a 7-week panchakarma, cofacilitated a course on the foundations of Ayurveda with Neel and was able to see a beautiful part of the world.

  • The first part of the trip was all about the studies. This was ongoing for the entire trip but we were able to get a few trips in during and at the end. Because my studies were also experiential, meaning I underwent a 7-week panchakarma, I did not take photos of this part if the trip. However, we do have some great photos of the treatment location and some medicines.
  • The second part of the trip was a journey to Idiku. We facilitated a course on the foundations of Ayurveda and was able to see a major spice growing region of the country. If you are familiar with the Malabar Coast, we were in the heart of the plantations which supplied the spices. We had a wonderful time meeting spice vendor and assembled some packages to bring home.
  • The third part of the trip I call Festival Central. Beginning in January and going through March there seems to be a different festival every week. These festivals usually center around a Temple, Church or Mosque. The colors, elephants and food is simple amazing.
  • Continuing my journey, I wanted to bring home some artifacts to the wellness center. We went on a trip to Palakkard where we found some carved panels, vessels as well as an ayurvedic supply center where I purchased the ayurvedic table, steam box and shirodhra vessel.
  • Finally, on my way home I spent a few days in Fort Kochi. A blend of European and eastern cultures. Fort Kochi was the center of the spice trade. world. Enjoy the pictures, ask questions.